Hotdogs on the Green

Item ID-COLL637, folder 6, box 5

Kristine and Genna Mathieson giving away hotdogs on the Green in 1995 to Officer Anthony Marta and  Officer Gerald Corso


Santa Comes to Caldwell

Item ID- COLL604, folder 5, box 5

With Santa on the Caldwell Green , December 1995.  L-R:  Mayor Paul Jemas, Santa, Councilman Anthony Cavalieri, Councilman Susan Gartland, Ellie White holding Kevin White, Councilman John Taylor and daughters

Gene Collerd

Item ID- 0192, folder D, box 84

With the eye of a photographer and a deep sense of history, Gene Collerd captured and preserved the changing scene of his beloved Caldwell for upwards of sixty years. Whether through the lens of his camera or through the purchase of vintage photographs taken by other photographers long before him, he assembled an unsurpassed iconographic history of the Caldwells and its environs. His collection will serve future generations of residents and students.

An online exhibit of photographs from the Caldwell Public Library's Gene Collerd Local History Collection