Remembrance on the Green

ID-COLL783. folder 3, box 6
ID-COLL783. folder 3, box 6

Memorial Day Remembrance Ceremony on the Green late 1980s.  To the right of the lamppost: George Imperiale,  Donald Garson


Around the Flagpole

Item ID- COLL767, folder 3, box 6

Standing around the flagpole on the Green : West Caldwell Mayor Robert Reyer, Roseland Mayor Louis DiBelle, American Legionnaire  Douglas Denman, unidentified poppy girl, North Caldwell Mayor James Matarazzo, unknown veteran. The flagpole was dedicated in 1970 “In honor and memory of the citizens of Caldwell who served their country in the armed forces of the United States”.

An online exhibit of photographs from the Caldwell Public Library's Gene Collerd Local History Collection