The Decatur Cannon

Item ID-COLL4431, folder 1, box 5
Item ID-COLL4431, folder 1, box 5

In 1824 to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the American Revolution,  President James Monroe invited Marquis de Lafayette, the only surviving general of the Revolution at that point, to visit the U.S. and go on an extended tour around the country.   To honor Lafayette when he visited Caldwell, the local militia brought out an old retired cannon the town had acquired.  The explosion from the salute they fired that day, destroyed the old cannon, but the Caldwell militiamen’s enthusiasm so impressed Colonel Decatur, one of the soldiers accompanying Lafayette, that he gave the town this bronze cannon his brother had captured from an Algerian fort a couple years before to replace the ruined one.  During the Civil War, this cannon was sent to Trenton because Caldwell had not voted for Lincoln and there was fear that it would be sent to the Confederacy.   After the war , it was returned to the Green where it stood until it was stolen in 1968.


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